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Action-Based Combat

combat Action Based Combat

Combat in Cube World is based on player skill, movement and reaction. Skilled players can beat high-level monsters, while not-so-skilled players can be beaten by low-level creatures.

Manual Aiming

Enemies need to be targeted manually with a crosshair. There’s no target locking. Good players will land more hits and thus deal more damage.

Active Dodging

Most attacks can be dodged with good reaction and proper timing. Dodging costs stamina and makes you immune against damage for a very short time. With skill and good stamina management, you can survive even the strongest attacks.


All creatures have armor and resistance. Armor decreases physical damage, resistance magical damage. Every time you hit an opponent, you get a combo point...

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Classes & Infinite Character Progression

classes Classes & Infinite Character Progression


There are currently four playable classes in Cube World: Warriors, Rangers, Mages, and Rogues.

We wanted to give each class a different gameplay and feel.

  • The key feature of warrior gameplay is charged attacks: they can build up MP with normal attacks and charge up powerful special attacks.
  • Rangers use ranged charged attacks, which work similar like warrior attacks, but using ranged weapons.
  • Mages cast spells with varying cast times. Normal attacks are usually faster, while special attacks have longer cast times and consume MP.
  • Rogue gameplay is fast-paced and special attacks are instant. That way they can concentrate on evasion and move freely during combat.


In order to allow for more diversified gameplay, we added class specializations...

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adventure Adventure

Adventure Skills

Being an exploration RPG, an important focus of Cube World is exploration and adventure. In Cube World, players are equipped with a set of skills that a true adventurer needs:

  • Climbing allows players to ascend the highest rocks and reach the deepest abyss.
  • Swimming through rivers, lakes and oceans is routine for a Cube World adventurer.
  • Diving to the ground of a lake or exploring underwater caves is also possible.
  • Hang gliding from a mountain right into a lush valley is a common task in Cube World.
  • Sailing enables ocean explorers to travel quickly from one island to another.


Dungeons are dangerous places full of rare loot and are integrated seemlessly into the world. Dungeon enemies are often stronger than normal enemies and there are dungeon bosses...

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Endless, Randomly Generated Worlds

worlds Endless, Randomly Generated Worlds

Infinite Worlds

A main feature of Cube World is the random world generation. In contrast to many games, worlds are not designed by a level designer, but generated procedurally by the game using math and random numbers. The result is an endless world (nearly endless, i.e. players can’t reach the borders), so players can explore new landscapes all the time.

Players can generate their own worlds by specifiying one single number, the seed. The same seeds result in exactly the same world, so players can share their worlds with friends by telling them their seeds.

Worlds are generated on-the-fly while playing, so there are neither long precomputations nor huge save files at the beginning.

No borders

There are no artificial borders. You can literally reach each cube the world is made of...

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Weapon Skills: Warrior

I’m currently preparing overviews of weapons and skills available to each class, and I’d like to start with the warrior. The warrior can use three types of weapons:

  • Greatweapons (greatswords, greatmaces, greataxes)
  • One-handed weapons (swords, maces, axes)
  • Shield + one-handed weapon

Each of these three weapon types changes normal attacks (left mouse button) and special attacks (right mouse button). Normal warrior attacks are combo attacks, i.e. subsequent attacks are different. Also, when you hit an enemy, the next attack is much faster.


When you attack your enemy with a normal attack, the first attack is a forward slam.

greatsword1 Weapon Skills: Warrior

The subsequent attack is a quick jab attack.

greatsword2 Weapon Skills: Warrior

The third combo is a backward swing. It has a chance to stun enemies.

greatsword3 Weapon Skills: Warrior

The special attack is a charge...

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Cube World: A Voxel-Based Exploration RPG

Cube World: A Voxel-Based Exploration RPG
Avatar Cube World: A Voxel Based Exploration RPG

I’m Wollay, the creator of Cube World. I started this game in June 2011 as a hobby project. My inspirations were Minecraft, Zelda, Secret of Mana, Monster Hunter, Diablo, World of Warcraft and many more. My aim was to create an infinite, colorful, procedurally generated world, full of adventures, monsters, and mysteries. The result is Cube World, a voxel-based role-playing game.

My wife joined development in 2012, and we’re planning to release analpha version for Windows PC soon. The alpha already has many features, but some are still missing. You can check out a feature overview below.

The alpha will be available for a lower price than the beta version and the final version. We’re planning to release updates regularly. Updates are free.


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